Full Software Lifecycle Quality Assurance Available

Stonefield Systems can complete projects using an ED109-A compliant software process methodology.

This is the European version of the American standard DO-178B. This allows completed projects to be compliant with UK CAA Safety Regulatory Requirements (CAP670 SW01) and EUROCONTROL’s Safety Regulatory Requirements (ESARR).

Stonefield Systems can provide documents to support the safety case for produced software that includes the following:


Documents that specify the complete lifecycle of the project and provide the assurance and mitigations for COTS components and included software libraries.


Documents that detail the project standard that will be used.


The entire end product of the project is designed to the level of assurance required.


Code is developed according to the project standards and tested with full coverage testing.


All customer specifications are tested in formal acceptance testing that records all test results as the project moves towards completion.Fault tolerance is also rigorously tested.


The entire project, from specification to acceptance test, can be traced from end-to-end. This can include tracing through code commits if required.


When the project is completed all aspects of the project, including deviations from the original plans, are included in the accomplishment summary.