45 Years of Experience available to you.

Founded in 1973 Stonefield Systems became a leader in the design, manufacture and implementation of PLCs and Microcontrollers for Process Control and applications in many diverse industries.

Customers included the Coal Board, Water Utilities, Electricity Utilities, UKAEA, BP, Shell, ICI, Pfizer and London Underground. We have provided controllers and application software for industrial knitting machines, contact lens lathes, poultry houses, concrete products, tank level monitoring – the list was endless.

In more recent times the company has concentrated on the Marine and Aviation sectors but still retains the design and manufacturing capability, bringing engineering expertise to bear on a range of products and processes in many industries.

Recent projects include:
  • Control system for the X-Ray inspection of metal parts for aircraft production
  • Control of LED lights to achieve separate dimming levels not provided by the LED manufacturer. This required control and monitoring signals to pass over the low voltage power supply cables.
  • Design of remote 48-way I/O for airports in Saudi Arabia
  • Ultra-low powered controller for solar-powered buoy monitoring to conserve battery life