Why not make use of our Aviation Experience?

Airport systems monitoring and control equipment and software, designed and manufactured by Stonefield Systems Ltd, are in use around the world in the most extreme of environments, from Africa to Antarctica. A highlighted timeline of our completed projects can be found here.

ATC Modules

AIMS (Airport Information Management System) is the name given to a suite of software modules for ATC applications. These modules are supplied under a one-time licence – there are no annual renewal fees.

Modules include:


Monitoring and remote control of NAVAIDS and other airport equipment using Stonefield designed outstations with proven reliability.


Gateway and Terminal options. User-friendly “inbox” style display with standard forms, automatic building of related message along with filtering and search functions. Automatic parsing of Flight and MET related messages with links to the Flights and Met packages.


Interface to industry-standard MET sensors with a display of Meteorological Data for ATC and METAR preparation and connection to the AFTN and ATIS applications.


Generation of the audio message from the coded METAR and observation data using text to speech. A dual system with independent ATIS Changeover Unit monitoring integrity and quality of audio output.


Management of Flight movements with the direct input of Flight data from the AFTN and through web-based portals allowing pilot bookout. Grid-based display for ATC and Operational staff with statistics and movement reporting.

Flight Strips

Automatic or manual printing of flight strips (built into the Flights module).


Display of inbound & outbound flights on single, dual or multiple screens.

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